A mountainous and landlocked country in the geographical heart of Europe, Switzerland has long been admired for its breathtaking alpine scenery, independent spirit, engineering ingenuity, high standard of living, and…chocolate. Unlike other European nations, the cultures of which have been shaped by major historic conflicts, Switzerland’s national psyche has been formed by neutrality, conservatism, strong traditions, and relative isolation.


The country is home to soaring peaks, shimmering lakes, lush green meadows, picturesque medieval towns and mountain villages, delicious food and drink, and friendly people. This diversity makes Switzerland a destination suitable for a wide range of interests and travel styles – from outdoor lovers to history buffs, shutterbugs, families, and foodies.

Switzerland - Cultured Adventurer
  • First-time visitors with a week or less to spend in Switzerland may choose to split their time between the main cities – Zurich, Bern, and Geneva, all of which are easily accessible by air, road, or rail. Another option would be to fly into Zurich or Geneva and continue to Interlaken – the entry point to the world-famous Jungfrau area – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there, continue either east to St. Moritz – the chic mountain and spa resort located on a lake shore and a popular base for skiing and mountaineering, or south through the Italian-speaking part of the country and to Ascona to explore the lakes Maggiore and Lugano.
  • 10 – 14 days would allow covering all of Switzerland’s main regions. You can start in Basel (romantic Old Town on the river Rhine) and work your way clockwise to visit Montreux (on Lake Geneva), Bern (UNESCO-listed Old Town), Interlaken (to explore Jungfrau), Zermatt (a car-free holiday village), Ascona (on Lake Maggiore), the Bellinzona castles, St. Moritz, Appenzell (known for its rural customs and traditions), and end up in Zurich (an attractive lakeside city and Switzerland’s financial center).


  • Because of its location in the center of Europe, a trip to Switzerland can be combined with neighboring countries – Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria to the east. Let us know and we will be happy to advise the best options for you.


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